VSAS Automation Services Pvt. Ltd. VSAS Automation Services Pvt. Ltd.
Over the period of time we have gained hands on experience in a lots of different industry verticals. Below are a few examples of different industry sectors we have served.

Vegetable Oil
We are serving this industry sector since long time. The technologies, we provided automation for, are fractionation, de-fractionation and Clarifier. We provide complete automation control system for these processes.

We are serving different arms in water related processes. We have provided automation control system for pumping stations for drinking water, pumping stations for irrigation purpose Demineralisation and Reverse Osmosis systems.

Another area of our expertise in water is pumping stations for power generations. We have developed numerous systems for this type of pumping stations including controlling of the pumping station as well as controlling of the electrical system related to them and integrate this as a whole in the main control system for the power generation plant.

Material Handling
Material handling segment constitutes a significant part of our customer base. The major parts we serve to in this segment are Coal Handling and Cement plants.

In coal and cement handling we provide systems for main coal handling plant and the machines also. The machines for which we developed and deployed the systems include stacker-reclaimer, pylon-reclaimer, wagon-tippler, paddle feeder.

We have also developed and deployed system for shipyard conveyor handling, multiple conveyor sequencing and synchronisation.

The automotive sector also constitutes a larger segment of our customer base. We have developed and deployed a number of automation control systems, for various manufacturing processes, for our customers in automotive sector. The different technologies we provided automation system for, are grinding, turning, milling, auto gauging equipments, leak testers and so on. This also include up gradation of the m/c from DC servo to AC servo.

Our expertise includes a lot of control systems for various SPM, assembly line conveyor synchronisation. VSAS has designed and deployed m/c utilisation monitoring system for data acquisition, reporting and analysis for cell of m/c.

Packaging / Textile Printing
We have provided systems for pharma packaging, carton packaging and allied equipments, form fill and seal automations, flow rap packaging, tube filling m/c, augur filler, etc.

In textile sector we have developed and deployed automation systems for sari and fabric printing machines.

VSAS has designed and deployed a number of automation systems for different processes. Few of them are oxygen generation, burner management, electroplating plant automation.

Here we want to give a special mention to a project where we designed and developed a system for solar cell wafer manufacturing machine.
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